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April Fool Promo T&C

1. Any customer who shops at Adventuras for any amount, will get an instant off of INR 0.50%.
2. Each purchase guarantees a discount.
3. One purchase/bill is equal to one discount. If a customer has shopped multiple times during the promo, he/she is entitled to discount equal to the number of purchases.
4. Promo will start on 1st April, 2024 and ends on 15th April, 2024.
5. The discount is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any cash amount.
6. In case the customer cancels/returns the order, the amount paid after discount will be refunded.
7. As a lighthearted April Fool's prank, the discount percentage is humorously stated as 0.50% in all communications. Adventuras is not responsible if customers misinterpret this and expect a flat 50% discount.
8. In case of dispute, it’s up to the sole discretion of Chogori India Retail Ltd.(CIRL) for further course of action. All disputes will be subject to Delhi jurisdiction.